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I'm looking for a roommate who want's to enjoy a nice 2-3 bedroom place with me. We could team up and get a very nice spot together.

Me: 39 year old moving back to home town. Chill, down to earth, regular dude. Little bit more about me: I enjoy drinks, good food, clean household but not overly clean (some dishes might sit in sink for a day) smoke a little weed, enjoy watching sports and a movie here and there. Some company but wouldn't want you too have constant company in and out. I'm single, straight dude dating around. High strung people and i usually don't work.

You: Any age as long as we are on same page, clean but not a clean freak (unless you don't mind cleaning up after me lol). Stable person who is going to be respectful.

I'm flexible on payment. I don't want anything super high end or ultra low budget

Holler if interested in crushing it together.
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