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I do web development and have existing WordPress site can shop out to you to host with an entire solution befitting and tailoring your business needs. Would be good for construction/roofingauto shop business and I developed https://firearmandmore.com/main, http://www.premier-preservations.com/, http://www.bizrefit.com and https://www.directlv.com
Can work onsite or make visits during the day currently work from home full-time!

Ajay Sampat
1172 Canterbury Circle
Canton, MI 48187
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Professional Experience
IBM – Ann Arbor, MI (5/2015 to Present)
Sr. Technical Application Architect – Security Threat Management Intelligence / Cognitive Solutions
• Work on leading the security product solution design, development, architecture and delivery i.e. services with emerging technologies.
• I2 Connect is a RESTful connector solution deployed on Docker for customer's traditional or NoSQL databases to represent data in a GUI for mapping/translating purposes to the I2 product format.
• Leading agile team to further develop product enhancements and fix customer reported issues in the emerging React technology.
• Lead developer for I2 Ingest, a RESTful ETL solution, alongside a team of Agile JavaJ2EE, python, Node.js and Node-Red developers.
• Goal: What currently takes weeks to model, deploy and ingest data into the information Store can be done in minutes automatically no errors vs manually resulting in user errors.
• I2 Audit is an auditing solution that I wrote in Java/J2EE RESTful backend and Dojo frontend.
• Clientele are interested in adding value to their business practices with this solution which captures audit information via for example the Intelligence Portal or Analyst Notebook premium (to a database) and also includes separate viewer applications I newly developed.
• Completed .Net C# coding of additional functionality in a existing ANB plug-in for BRIC to display mugshots on a ANB chart and display PDF reports from a web service.
• Completed a custom Trust Association Interceptor (TAI) java coding development and implementation for i2A (i2 Analyze) software at Citigroup client.
• Custom export utility java coding development and implementation for IA (I2 Analyze) software at National Cyber-Forensics & Training Alliance (NCFTA) client.
• Environment: Java/J2EE, .Net, C#, DB2, SQL server, Oracle, I2 Analyst Notebook, I2 Analysis Repository, I2 Information Store, CURL, Unix shell (sh) scripts, Ant build scripts, RESTful web service flows via Node-Red, HTML5, JSON, Python, Node.js, Jest JavaScript unit testing, JSX, Typescript, Dockers, Git, GitHub, ZenHub, VSCode, Material-UI, Webpack, React, MobX, Brackets, Notepad++, Spring, Maven

IBM – Ann Arbor, MI (4/2013 to 4/2015)
Senior Technical Architect, Safer Planets/Analytics Application – Cognitive Solutions
• Work on leading the technical solution delivery of Safer Planets/Analytics suite of applications, which include industry-specific applications and middleware-based frameworks built on the WebSphere middleware stack at client-site engagements.
• Provided real-world feedback to development organization roadmap for future enhancements to licensed software.
• Worked with various clients/industries to understand their functional and non-functional software requirements and develop solutions/proposals to meet their needs.
• Wrote stakeholders SOA design patents contributing to leading edge technical industry solutions.
• Led efforts in enhancing proprietary handheld technology to interface with ESB architecture.
• Wrote CRON job WebSphere scheduler Background Process functionality implementing taskHandler Java object.
• Created a common component reporting framework utilizing jaxb frameworks.
• Customized eclipse information center help plugin user interface via reuse.
• I2 Coplink custom adapter MyBatis implementation.
• Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) custom groovy implementation for filtering video data to intelligently show matches/scores based on rules given by customer's use case scenarios.
• Environment: Java/J2EE, WAS architecture, MQ messaging, DB2 interfaces, Portal/portlets development, WebSphere-based integration, EJB 3.X stateless session beans, SoftLayer Cloud, I2 Coplink, Counter Fraud Management (CFM), Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA), InfoSphere Identity Insight (ISII), Rational Team Concert (RTC), Rational Asset Manager (RAM), JSoup, Groovy, Wowza, PHP, CakePHP, WordPress, Postgres, MySQL, CURL, MyBatis, JPA, Jaxb, Unix shell (sh) scripts, Ant build scripts, Eclipse custom plugin, Apache Wink RESTful web services, HTML5, Dojo, JSON

IBM – Ann Arbor, MI (2/2012 to 4/2013)
Senior SAAS Technical Architect, Global Services
• Work as a senior technical/managing consultant leading solution design, custom development and implementation of JAVA/J2EE from scratch solutions, persistence frameworks for example MyBatis and integration with COTS products at client-site engagements.
• Created a proprietary custom login module (CLM) within JDA COTS product to integrate with the IBM’s custom WebSphere authentication portal for Single Sign-On (SSO).
• Developed, integrated and tested email notification functionality based on client defined templates using standard Java mail API.
• Developed, integrated and tested session timeout Java code for the frontend web portal.
• Led Open Source Software (OSS) documentation efforts and gain approval by OSS committee as well as Executive Management for the overall project before go-live.
• Led, installed, developed, deployed and tested both Payport Express (PPE) Interface and General Supply Services (GSS) Interface in WebSphere Message Broker (WMB) technology.
• Environment: Eclipse, Rational Software Architect (RSA), Windows, UNIX, Oracle, Enterprise Service Bus – WebSphere Message Broker (WMB), web services, SOA, JQuery

IBM – Ann Arbor, MI (12/2008 to 2/2012)
Senior Technical Architect, Maximo Asset Management IoT – Global Services
• Work as a senior technical/managing consultant leading solution design, custom development and implementation of the Maximo enterprise asset management (EAM) product suite at client-site engagements.
• Plan, analysis/design, and implementation of infrastructure, integration, and bespoke Maximo solutions.
• Define and communicate architectural guidelines and principles to team members and clients.
• Ensure application usability, quality, performance, availability, scalability and integrity.
• Hands-on J2EE technical expertise in product design/architecture and product development.
• Contribute to all phases of the software development life cycle in building custom applications and interfaces.
• Automate business processes to meet business needs.
• Environment: Eclipse, BIRT, Windows, UNIX, Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2, messaging middleware (MQ), web services, SOA

Ford Motor Company – Dearborn, MI (10/2007 to 12/2008)
Technical Solution Architect
• Work with Order Fulfillment projects to define and implement robust architecture solutions (J2EE deliverables) while working within the constructs of Architecture Management and project milestones.
• Work with project teams to understand applications and interface requirements and make interoperability decisions.
• Develop appropriate architecture for the project including architecture diagrams and documentation.
• Participate in the architecture review and sign-off process.
• Ensure that the project teams adhere to the Ford architecture patterns, processes, principles and guidelines.
• Coordinate the process for costing and acquiring hardware/software for the projects.
• Upfront analysis/design and hands-on J2EE development.
• Work with the project teams to investigate and solve diverse technical issues supporting the teams through all phases of the project.
• Environment: JRocket, Optessa Buildchain, Tomcat, ORACLE, SQL Server, DB2, Serena (formerly PVCS), Rational Software Architect RSA (formely WebSphere Studio Application Developer) programming environment, RSM (formerly XDE) modeling tool, IE 6.0, Linux, WinXP platform

Ford Motor Company – Dearborn, MI (1/2005 to 10/2007)
Technical Lead
• Order Fulfillment – Single Order Edit. Order Fulfillment is a multi-year project comprised of several releases with the goal to shorten the time of the vehicle ordering process from inception when an order is placed to the actual delivery time.
• Led and launched various Use Cases through J2EE development and the following web technologies: JavaScript, HTML, XML, CSS, DHTML.
• Environment: DB2, PVCS, IBM WebSphere programming environment, Rational XDE modeling tool, IE 6.0, WinXP platform

Ford Motor Company – Dearborn, MI (3/2002 to 1/2005)
Lead Systems Technical Analyst & Application Developer
• A web application system in which users locate and access the tools, information and services needed to conduct day to day fleet vehicle business.
• Maintaining and enhancing the existing website with the following technologies: ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, SOAP, XML, Perl CGI, CSS, DHTML. Also using a SQL Server 2000 & Oracle backend connected through varying odbc, oledb and dbi connections.
• Environment: IIS web server & Unix Sun Solaris Web Server, TextPad, Visual Interdev programming environment, IE 6.0, Netscape 4.7, WinXP platform http://www.fleet.ford.com

Perodon, LLC. (1/2002 to 12/2002)
Technical Programmer Analyst, Internet Web Applications – Vehicle Management System
• Project Title: Visteon Vehicle Management System – This was a vehicle management/tracking system in which users are querying, modifying, and inserting, invoice’s for automobiles which Visteon experiments with.
• Created a web front-end coded with embedded SQL statements ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and DHTML.
• Used a SQL Server 2000 backend connected through an odbc connection.
• Environment: IIS web server, DreamWeaver UltraDev 4 programming environment, IE 6.0, WinXP platform

Compuware – Detroit, MI (12/2001 to 3/2002)
Web Developer, Test Process Management
• Project Title: Front End User Interface Design Development - Web Page development of ergonomic user interfaces programmed with various web technologies.
• Goal of project: create a comprehensive HTML based application that integrates all Compuware QA Center products and aids the Software Quality professional in managing and performing testing efforts from the beginning to the end of a project.
• Environment: WinXP, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, DOM, JSP, Source Safe
Compuware – Detroit, MI (3/2001 to 3/2002)
Technical Programmer Analyst, Web/C++/COM
• Product Release Engineering: C++ issues regarding feasibility, code mock-ups, various product(s) integration, code structure, architecture, layout, future plans and code walkthroughs.
• Executing maintainable, concise, descriptive and quick running code.
• TrackRecord product is an object-oriented database application built with C++ backend and MFC/Web frontend.
• Environment: WinXP, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Source Safe

Compuware – Detroit, MI (12/1999 to 3/2002)
Technical Engineer
• Responsibilities include not only adding graphics to existing websites but also providing software technical engineering assistance to clients on QACenter web testing product QALoad, determining the cause of intranet/extranet web related problems, re-creating the problems and fixing the problems by developing solutions in Visual Interdev programming development environment.
• Look through existing JavaScript, VBScript and HTML code and fix modules or functions that are not working or create or integrate new scripts with existing functionality.
• Compuware’s intranet/extranet sites have a SQL Server/Oracle/Access backend and Web frontend.
• Environment: Win2000, SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access, IIS, Visual Interdev, Visual C++, ASP

Compuware – Detroit, MI (10/2000 to 6/2001)
Web/Database Developer
• A knowledge gathering system in which users are querying, modifying and inserting, for example FAQ’s or other pertinent information of the software products Compuware owns.
• Development of Web frontend created with embedded SQL statements, VBScript, JavaScript and HTML, using a SQL Server (migrated from Access) backend connected through a DSN connection.
• Environment: Win2000, SQL Server, Microsoft Access, IIS, Visual Interdev, ASP

ACM – Detroit, MI (5/1999 to 12/1999)
Web Developer
• Southeastern Michigan American Red Cross Website/General & Auxiliary Services Website.
• Work with other webmasters and programmers in a web development team environment to define overall website concept, functionality and navigation with the following responsibilities: Customer Relations, Requirements, Estimation, Design, Development, Testing and Documentation.
• Design, organize, manage, maintain and enhance web applications for various organizational departments within UM-D and Southeastern Michigan American Red Cross.
• Implementation of web content through programming knowledge of HTML and graphic tools such as Paint and PhotoShop.
• Environment: WinNT, Paint, PhotoShop, IIS, Visual Interdev, DreamWeaver, FrontPage

Additional Experience
Grand Circus – Detroit, MI (6/2016 to 8/2016)
Sr. Java/J2EE Adjunct Instructor (Part-time/after hours)
• Work on training and leading students in a vocational classroom setting to fill job openings in downtown’s fastest growing tech companies.
• Goal is providing Detroiters with the skills to become top-notch coders.
• Educating Metro-Detroiters in coding and other skills that lead to high-growth careers, through intensive boot camp style training.
• Led instruction of boot camp curriculum, modified as necessary with own real-world examples.
• Developed curriculum in partnership with Director of Learning and feedback from Teacher’s Assistant.
• Tracked and monitored students’ progress by supporting and challenging all students.
• Searched out and incorporated feedback to ensure instruction is responsive to student needs.
• Encouraged and maintained a positive but rigorous classroom environment

Master of Science, Computer Science, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Professional Certifications
IBM Security Product Professional Services - Technical Enablement 2018 - IBM, License

Technical Skills

• J2EE
• Java
• Rational Software Architect (RSA)
• C++
• C
• C#
• Github
• Spring
• Maven
• Web Services
• MQ Series
• Pascal
• M1
• Python
• Node.js
• Docker
• React
• .Net
• X68K
• P2
• Unix
• Windows ‘9X
• NT
• Git
• Dream Weaver
• Eclipse Kepler
• Oracle
• SQL Server
• Sybase
• PostgreSQL
• VBScript
• JavaScript
• SQL Server/ORCL/DB2
• Unix
• Microsoft Office
• WebSphere
• Perl CGI
• Mathematica
• Designer Draw

• OpenGL
• GW Basic

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