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If you can't find the right drummer to finish your demo or CD project, hire an experienced studio pro and get your project done now, played the way you want it. Former BUMBLEFOOT drummer, reviewed in Modern Drummer and Drum! Magazines, years of experience helping bands across the country finish their CD's instead of waiting, or countless unfulfilled auditions. Own ProTools set-up, track live drums, exchange files via internet, pay with PayPal. Simple, secure and it works great. Very reasonable rates. Check out Jeff Thal at and click DRUMMER, then contact to discuss. Best of luck to you and thanks!

Quick Demo:

More Samples: Click DRUMMER

"Jeff shows a blend of blazing technique, creative musical ideas and sense of groove"
- Modern Drummer Magazine

"Jeff has an endless supply of chops, who can be alternately funky, punky and fusion-y on demand"
- DRUM! Magazine

"He's got the energy and finesse of a Berklee Graduate"
- DRUM! Magazine
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