Computer Science Tutor — Beginning and Intermediate Programming (Ypsilanti)

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Hi, my name is Garrett! I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Computer Science Applied at Eastern Michigan University. I recently graduated with an Associate of Science (A.S.) in Computer Science: Programming in Java from Washtenaw Community College.

I love creating practical, user-friendly command line utilities! I've also created simple websites, Android apps, and graphical applications. Feel free to check out the link above to view some of my latest projects.

I have experience in Java, Python, C++, Rust, Clojure, PHP, and Bash.

As a tutor

I am looking to tutor introductory to intermediate computer science material. Building a strong foundation of knowledge is critical to improving as a programmer and tackling advanced concepts. Here are examples of such courses from my experience at EMU and WCC:

  • WCC/CIS120: Linux/UNIX I: Fundamentals

  • WCC/CIS282: Database Principles and Applications

  • WCC/CPS161: Intro to Programming in Java

  • WCC/CPS251: Android Programming

  • WCC/CPS261: Advanced Java Concepts

  • WCC/CPS276: Web Programming using PHP & MySQL

  • WCC/CPS278: Java Spring Framework

  • WCC/CPS298: Professional Team Programming

  • WCC/CST118: Microsoft Command Line Fundamentals

  • EMU/COSC221: Computer Organization I (Intro to Machine Language and Assembly)

  • EMU/COSC311: Algorithms & Data Structures

Communication, patience, and understanding are all paramount in both teaching and learning. My tutoring sessions are totally client-oriented; I urge my others to ask questions and be transparent about what makes sense and what doesn't. Let me know what I can do to help you succeed!

Your first twenty minutes are free! We can use this time to determine if I am the right tutor for you and your material. My rate thereafter is $22/hr.

My schedule is generally open days/nights, seven days a week (subject to change). Zoom is my preferred conference platform, but I am willing to use others if requested.

I accept payment via Paypal and Venmo.

Contact information

Feel free to contact me with one of the following:

  • Reply directly to this post via email

  • Message me on Discord @metrodetroit

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