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"I’m pleased to share my positive experience with David Rossiter, my son’s (age 11) guitar teacher. Since starting lessons with him, my son’s enthusiasm for music has grown significantly and his progress is remarkable. David’s patience and tailored approach to teaching has made all the difference. He adapts his methods to my son’s learning style and musical tastes. Each lesson is engaging and fun." - Rachel E.

"David has been teaching my daughter since Spring of 2020 and I am amazed at her progress. She started as a complete beginner and has learned several songs; she loves her lessons and thoroughly enjoys working with David. She told me he tailors the instruction to her and his easy-going manner has alleviated her performance anxiety. He even helped her pick out a guitar which she saved up to buy. Highly recommend!!!" - Heidi A.

Greetings from Ann Arbor, Michigan!

Each year, I take on a number of beginning and intermediate guitar and songwriting students for weekly or biweekly in-person lessons. Students have ranged in age from 8 to 70+. You could be picking up the guitar or writing songs for the first time, or just be ready to get beyond those first months (or years!) of being stuck on the basics. Either way, there's no better time than now to make music a bigger part of your life.

All lessons are designed and paced according to each student’s age, skill level, and time commitment.

My unique approach to teaching beginning and intermediate guitar lessons is built on a system designed to move students as quickly as possible from where they currently are to where they want to be in the shortest possible timeframe. All lessons are tailored to each student's interests, current level of knowledge and skill, desires and dreams, and your level of commitment (how many hours can you dedicate to productive practice). My approach gives you a safe, low-pressure environment to learn what you want at your pace.

Some of what you can learn:

• Start from scratch or up your game
• The care and feeding of your instrument
• Chords (Open and Barre)
• Chord Progressions
• Strumming Patterns
• Playing up, down, and across your fretboard
• Hybrid picking technique
• The proper uses of the capo
• Key selection (to suit your vocal range)
• Quick tips for learning songs
• Learn songs you want to play
• How to develop your own style and interpretive flair
• Becoming a confident vocalist
• Performance-proofing your songs for the stage
• Most genres: rock, folk, Americana, blues, pop, alternative

$35 for one 30-minute lesson
$55 for one 50-minute lesson
$200 for a 4-lesson package of 50-minute lessons (paid in advance)

Two years in development, my songwriting curriculum is comprehensive and designed to accelerate your becoming a powerful and productive songwriter, By teaching what matters most while helping you avoid the pitfalls that line the path to artistic growth and success, David's approach is by turns motivational, hands-on, and focused on results.

Some of what you can learn:

• Gain in-depth, hands-on knowledge of how to write powerful songs in any genre
• Understand all the elements of song structure and how to use them
• Quick Start: Jump in by writing a quick 3-chord song to break the ice
• Learn how to write songs starting with either the music or the words
• Explore a wealth of concepts and ideas to inspire you and keep you writing
• Learn how to assess, edit, polish, and performance-proof your song
• Develop the motivation, enthusiasm, and self-confidence to make songwriting a positive, creative force in your life
• Learn to see yourself as a songwriter and then become one

$55 for one 50-minute lesson
$200 for a 4-lesson package of 50-minute lessons (paid in advance)

All lessons are conducted at David's teaching studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan, or over Zoom.

I look forward to working with you.


David Rossiter

David Rossiter is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Drawing on his experience as founder and leader of the eclectic Americana band Hoodang, as well as a decade-plus working as a sought-after songwriting and guitar teacher, David brings a deep perspective and passionate commitment to transmitting his joyful and unique approach to the songwriting craft and teaching guitar.


“My name is Ari (9) and I have been studying guitar with David for more than a year. I always look forward to my lessons with him. He chooses music for us to play that I really like and teaches me new kinds of music that I've never heard before. He makes me a better guitar player and I really like it when we jam out together. For all those reasons, he is a great teacher.” - Ari P.

"I started lessons with David as an older beginner (mid-50s) in the summer of 2021. I appreciate his teaching style: structuring lessons with a curriculum in mind that incorporates technique, music theory, song structure, performance strategies, and the simple joy of playing. He's always willing to customize lessons around my musical interests. The short video summaries and other materials he provides after each lesson are very helpful and eliminate the anxiety around having to commit everything to memory during the lesson." - Tom S.

"I went to this songwriting event that David Rossiter had last Saturday and it was awesome! I got a lot out of it and have been reflecting on the stages of the Hero’s Journey ever since, and how some stages have applied to my own songwriting and/or life. I can’t wait to reflect on it more intently, next time I write a song! I highly recommend this if you see that he offers this opportunity again. Well worth it!" - Shannon L.

"I have been writing songs for several years now, yet I got some new and unique insights from David. He doesn't feed you cliches, he gives you new perspectives on melody, rhythm, and lyrics. I will help me to make further progress in my songwriting journey." - Robert B.

"Very helpful step-by-step entry into something very difficult to master on your own. Through his instruction, I've gone from total beginner to writing and performing my own songs, something I never thought I'd be able to do. Great teacher." - Ava H.

"I started lessons with David in December 2020, working with an old guitar and Zoom. David’s patience and flair for keeping the lessons interesting really helped me overcome the challenges of learning remotely. As an older learner, I appreciate him sending videos of the lesson’s key points and fingering charts for the chords to help while I practice. I highly recommend David to anyone interested in learning to play the guitar." - Joe A.

"I've been meaning to “up” my guitar playing skills for a while. I'm retired with extra time on my hands and own a nice guitar, but needed a teacher to make it happen. David has been the answer to my needs. Weekly lessons, with follow-up videos to enhance at-home practice, have done the trick. David quickly figured out my deficits and got a plan established and implemented to address my needs and goals. David’s approach includes clear instructional communication, excellent visual examples, and efforts made to break things down which, when all is said and done, contribute to a good learning arrangement. With a commitment to practice, my skills have improved and I am looking forward to learning new concepts and techniques to further my playing skills." - John C.

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