All Natural Compost Fertilizer for Gardening - $10 (Ann Arbor)

Spring is here! It’s not too early, nor is it too late to add nutrient dense compost to your garden.

Welcome to 2024 and a new season of gardening for both flowers and food! Are you looking for all-natural compost/fertilizer to enrich the soil in your garden(s)? If so, keep reading!

This ad will be updated as to supply availability and will be removed promptly when the compost sells out. If this ad is on Craigslist, there is compost available.

It's that time of year again, gardeners! Spring is almost here and many of us are starting to think about flower and vegetable gardens, especially as the cost of buying food at the grocery store has skyrocketed.

If you wish to contact us by email through this listing, please note I only look at email once a day anywhere from 8 p.m. to midnight. Therefore, you will NOT receive a speedy response from me via email. I encourage you to simply head over with the correct change and purchase the compost you need.

Whether you are an “old hand” at gardening or new to it, we have excellent quality organic compost/fertilizer for sale in 20-pound bags as follows:

Seasoned/aged chicken manure: $10.00 for two 20-pound bags (a bag is about the size of a plastic tub of kitty litter). Bags have a C written on the outside.

Seasoned/aged horse manure: $10.00 for two 20-pound bags (bags are taller than chicken manure as horse manure is less dense than chicken manure). Bags have an H written on the outside.

All organic compost/fertilizer is well-aged (more than a year old) so will not damage root systems in your garden. Now is the perfect time to prepare your soil so it is ready when you want to plant!

All organic compost is DRY and ODOR FREE. It does NOT smell bad like cow manure.

The compost is SELF-SERVICE. Please bring the correct amount of cash with you for your purchase. All compost is located on a pallet in the center of the garage attached to the house. Payment should be placed in the Honest John box next to the egg refrigerator in the garage.

No need to contact us ahead of time, just head out during daylight hours with the correct amount of money and get your compost. This is a perfect time to get it mixed into your soil or spread on top of the soil to be mixed in as the weather improves. We are near W. Liberty and Zeeb Roads at 1331 S. Zeeb Road.

This is a great time to start a garden and grow your own fresh produce. You will be the only one handling your food as it grows, and you harvest it. Our organic compost is a great addition to boosting the nutrients in your soil. It does not contain chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics or any other unwanted additives.

You can expect to find any of the following materials in each bag of compost:

The compost itself often resembles dirt;
Possible small lumps or chunks of compost that can be broken up and spread;
Possible feathers;
Possible some small pieces of bones;
Possible small amounts of straw;
Possible small pieces of corn or corn cob, very small stones or small pieces of sticks.

There are no human food scraps used to create the compost.

The compost may have a small amount of moisture in it but is NOT wet. In fact, it is usually dusty. The compost is not treated or screened in any manner and is exactly as Mother Nature intended it to be: straight from the chickens or horses rear ends and therefore, produced organically and naturally and allowed to go through the decomposition process in its natural setting before being collected. The compost is collected, bagged and weighed by hand. All compost is bagged in empty chicken and horse feed sacks as part of our effort to reduce/reuse/recycle.

Don’t wait to get your all nature, well-seasoned compost! Your vegetable and flower gardens will thank you.

Thank you!

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