AC Adapters (Ann Arbor)

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Various adapters. Unless noted, all are positive inside and negative outside plugs (that go over a pin inside a socket in the unit you are connecting to it).

Kodak AD5004KD/3F8571, 5.0V, 1A, 100-240 input
LG TC-30W cell phone adapter 4.2V, 1A - LG plug 120-240 input
AD-0930M, P/N 01006500 9VDC 300mA
(2) Motorola NTN8871A 4.2VDC 300ma (from Talkabout radios), has male plug
Insignia AD-050200-US-B7 for NS-DPF7W M-09 5V 2A from a picture frame 120-240 input
Proton SPR-218L-05 5V 2.5A - from a DLink Router
SS-91001-N 9VDC 50mA
350904003CT 9V DC 400mA
HP 380467-003 18.5v 3.5A 65w 120-240 input
Shenzhen Mingway Electron Co MWY-CE120-DC090300 9v 300ma 120v input 40 mA with matching 12v adapter
Philips HQ8505/D 15v 800ma 5.4 watts input 100 - 240 , 150 ma, special 2 hole plug
OEM AD-1220N 12v 200ma 10.8 watts input 120
HP PC charger 246959-001 Rev A04 18.5v 3.5 amps 65 watts input 100-240
Dell PC charger D33030, V85, 1.5 amps 90 watts input 100-240 20v
Dewalt charger DW9106 type 1 input 120, 2.3 amps, output 1.9 amps
Ryobi 4400101 input 120, 95ma, output 17v, 400ma
Linksys AD 5V/2F model PSM11R-050 input 100-240v 0.3a, output +5V 2a
Spec Lin model L5A-160090R, input 120V 0.3A, output 16Vdc, 0.9A
Netgear PWR-10027-01 model AD-121A, input 120vac 18W, output 12vdc, 1A
Matsushita RFEA403, input 120v 8W, output DC 4.5V 600mA
Panasonic KX-TCA1 input 120v 6w, output 9v 350mA negative inside, positive outside
PHIHONG model PSAC05R-050, input 100-240v 300mA 12-18VA, output 5v 1A
Thermaltake model CS-120/0502000-E, input 100-240v 1.5A, output 12v 2A, 5V 2A. 2 ground pins, one 5V pin, one 12V pin. Round plug.
CUI Switching Adapter (IRIS by Lowe's) DSA-12PFT-05 FUS, input 100-240, output 5V 2A
Dura Micro Inc DM5127A, input 100-240, output 5V 2A, 12V 1.2A,
Dell PC charger PA-9 family ADP-90FB Rev. B, input 100-240, output 20V 4.4A
Dell PC charger PA-12 family 65 watts PA-1650-05D2, input 100-240, output 19.5V, 3.34A F7970
Dell PC charger PA-10 family 90 watts NADP-90KB A, input 100-240, output 19.5V 4.62A C2894,N193
HP PC charger PA-1650-02H 65 watts, input 100-240, output 18.5V 3.5A, 380467-001
Silicore SLD80910, input 120v, output 9vDC 1000mA 3C19271
Blackberry PSM04A-050RIMC, input 100-240v, output 5VDC 700mA
DVE DV-1250 input 120v, ouptut 12vDC 500mA
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