2009 Pontiac Vibe Manual - $5,300 (Brighton)

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2009 Pontiac Vibe

VIN: 5Y2SL67859Z470497
condition: excellent
cylinders: 4 cylinders
drive: fwd
fuel: gas
odometer: 178000
paint color: red
size: sub-compact
title status: clean
transmission: manual
type: hatchback

-178,000 K well maintained miles
-5 speed manual transmission...shifts very nicely. Doubles as an Anti-Theft device
-1.8L engine, very smooth, starts right up, nice and quiet, no strange noises, ticking, or otherwise.
-Valve train is very clean, no varnish build up. This indicates that the previous owner(s) did the regular oil changes.
-Spark plugs that I replaced all seemed to be in good condition, appeared to possibly be the factory original Denso plugs
(and I have these if you want to inspect them - this tells you a lot about how the engine condition)
-Does not burn oil. And the spark plug condition when I changed then reaffirmed this.
-No fluid leaks.
-Tires are in good condition and will last another 2 years easy, depending on how much you drive.
-Brakes stop very nicely and straight...car does not pull at all.
-AC and heat both work perfectly.
-no unusual noises when driving the car.

I do not recommend the 2.4L Vibe over this one as it is a known issue with the 2.4L to burn oil if the oil maintenance was not done perfectly. What I've seen happen is that owners neglect the cars by not checking the oil frequently enough and then the oil burning results in a low oil condition and possible engine damage. I personally stay away from the 2.4 and prefer the 1.8L. The only issue on the 1.8 that I am aware of is the failing intake cam phaser which has the effect of a cold engine clack sound. It's not detrimental but eventually if the cam phaser sprocket comes apart it could cause an engine failure. I've replaced this item twice on both my Vibes and in both cases the issue has been resolved. Other owners who are selling the 2009/2010 Vibe with the 1.8 will fool buyers by starting the engine briefly before you go to see it. This causes oil pressure build up and prevents the clacking...until the next day. I've had this happen to me both times and I am 100% certain that both owners knew of this issue but did not disclose it to me. The second purcahsae (this one) I specifically asked about this condition and was assured it did not do it. The guy owned his own auto repair shop. This was a complete lie and after I brought this car back home I noticed the clack. No problem, I fixed the issue. Just goes to show there are very few honest people out there when it comes to car selling. I am one of those people, so feel free to ask any questions. Otherwise, the car is exactly as described mechanically.

Stock radio, but it has a Parrot bluetooth adapter that allows your phone to connect wirelessly for hands-free calling.

The VIN is included in this add so you can look up the car history if you like. You will not find a more honest car seller than me. I will answer any questions you have.

I already own a 2010 Vibe and I really like these cars as basic transportation, reliable, economical, easy to repair, and inexpensive. Hatchback makes it very versatile also.

This car has some door dings, none major and some clearcoat scratches. Some paint chips on the hood that I filled in to prevent rust. Otherwise, paint is in overall very good condition. No rust that I could see on the body. The underbody looks solid. Exhaust sounds quiet like a new car. Hand brake works perfectly. Mechanically, there are no faults with this car, no check engine lights, and it should be super reliable for many years to come. They don't build cars like this anymore, unfortunately.

Best of all...no start/stop feature.

I have done the following maintenance in the past month so you don't have to:

-coolant flush, replace with factory spec Aisin 50/50 Pre-Diluted Super Long-Life Antifreeze/Coolant ACT-002
-the place I bought it from had just replaced the water pump.
-starter appeared fairly new (no rust on it, very shiny metal casing)
-replace timing chain tensioner using Toyota OEM part
-replace valve cover gasket after performing above service
-replace spark plugs using factory spec Denso Iridium plugs
-throttle body remove and clean
-replace PCV valve (under the intake mainfold)
-replace intake manifold gasket (due to the above serivce)
-degrease engine prior to doing the services above
-replaced a few old/worn out hose clamps
-new rear wiper
-new air filter
-oil/filter chnage

The above was done because I was getting this car ready for a relative. I recently bought it and the relative decided to fix their own car instead, so now I have 2 Pontiac Vibes! A guy only really needs 1 :)

Feel free to make an honest offer if you are interested in this car. It literally needs nothing to be done to it, ready to use and reliable. I drove it back from Columbus in the summer and it drove perfectly, handled good, and tracked straight.

There are a few other Pontiac Vibes for sale, maybe for a little less, maybe with a little less on the odometer...however, this one is not going to need any maintenance right off the bat like a lot of other used cars need. Just do the regular oil/filter changes and that should be all it needs for the next few years.

I have the CARFAX available.
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